Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Friday, October 12, 2012

PayDirt 2012

Team Campmor does more than race mountain bikes. They also invest their time and sweat to give back to the sport they love, mountain biking! Campmor requires each team member to complete five hours each year in “PayDirt” (volunteer trail work). Campmor also offers extra incentives for team members that do more than 25 hours of “PayDirt”. The end result: Team Campmor has performed 410 hours of trail work on their local trails in 2012. Public land mangers value this volunteer sweat equity at over $9000. of labor.

The “Campmor H2H Race Series” which is the local mountain bike race series in the tri-state area, offers incentives for racers to do trail work by awarding an additional 5th place points to any racers that do 10 or more hours of “PayDirt”. PayDirt has already logged over 5000 hours in 2012. Besides encouraging volunteer work in parks, the PayDirt program helps build working relationships between land managers, trail maintainers, race promoters and racers to ensure the future of mountain biking within public lands.

Team Campmor would like to thank their title sponsor, Campmor for supporting the “PayDirt” program and the sport we love!