Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Campmor H2H Series Dark Horse Gallop

Art enjoying a splash. - photo by gtluke. Check out more pictures here:

There have been jokes circulating that the H2H Series should be named the H2O Series, and The Dark Horse Gallop fit right in with that rumor. It was a wet race to say the least. All of team Campmor that started the race, finished the race, and in those conditions that was quite an accomplishment. We are all hoping for sunny days ahead.

Team Results:
Laura Winberry - 2nd Pro/open
Art White - 9th Pro/open
Ellen White - 2nd Cat 1 40+
Zach Koop - 4th Cat 1 19-29
James Wilbur - 6th Cat 1 40-49
Tom Stanowski - 7th Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 17th Cat 1 30-39
Tara Walhart - 4th Cat 2 19-39
Tyler Conlon - 16th Cat 2 19-29