Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Campmor H2H #2 Tymor

Team Results:
Ed Cecollini - 5th Pro
Art White - 15th Pro
Darlene Philps - 2nd Exp 35+
Laura Winberry - 2nd Exp
Ellen White - 3rd Exp 35+
Ben Williams - 3rd Exp 40-49
Tom Stanowski - 5th Exp 50+
Tahir Thomas - 8th Exp 30-39
Joe Baldacci - 11th Exp SS
Jeremy Swift - 13th Exp 30-39
Joe Barros - 13th Exp 40-49
Jeff Coneys - 15th Exp 40-49
Tyler Conlon - 2nd Sport Jr

Monday, May 12, 2008

Campmor H2H Series #1 Wawayanda

The Campmor H2H Series race season got off to a good start on May 4 at Wawayanda State Park in Hewitt NJ. Black Bear Cycling did a great job, as always, running the race. Rains the night before, eventually gave way to heavy fog by day break. The drive up the hill and past the upper lakes to the park in the morning was eerie, and although the rain was done, the rocky, rooty course was slick in spots, offering plenty of challenge for the racers. There was a large turn out for the beginner race, which is nice to see.

Racing from Team Campmor in the sport class were Tyler Conlon and new team member and Campmor bike shop manager, Tahir Thomas. The sport racers lucked out, as half way through the sport race, the sun came out, making for a very nice day to backdrop all the grins out on the course. Tahir made a great come back to racing with a first place finish, and Tyler racing in his first sport race, finished 2nd. Also in attendance and supporting at the race were Jeff Sauerman and Jeff Coneys, both unable to race due to illness. Thanks for coming out!

Racing later in pro/expert fields were Ben Williams, Darlene Phillips and Laura Winberry all taking 2nd place in their classes. Ed Ceccolinni took the win in the large pro field. Zach Koop, racing for the first time in the expert class, was disapointed with a flat early in the race. He fought hard to catch back up, finishing 8th. This was also Laura's first expert race, and she did very well, finishing only minutes behind me. I expect her to be passing me soon. Other finishers from the team were: Tom Stanowski, Joe Barros, Art White, and Jeremy Swift. Art, who is returning to racing after a full hip replacement in November was happy to report meeting all his race day goals ..... not to break any bones, ..... not to get lapped by Eddy and not to finish last.

Team Results:
Ed Ceccolini - 1st Pro
Art White - 12th Pro
Ben Williams - 2nd Exp 40
Darlene Phillips - 2nd Exp 35+
Laura Winberry - 2nd Exp
Ellen White - 3rd Exp 35+
Tom Stanowski - 5th Exp 50
Zach Koop - 8th - Exp 19
Joe Barros - 11th - Exp 40
Jeremy Swift - 16th Exp 30
Tahir Thomas - 1st Sport 30
Tyler Conlon - 2nd Sport Jr

Team Campmor women ran an open to anyone All-Girl Pre-Ride the Sunday Prior. Fifteen women ages 11 to 50 attended the ride. Eight of these women raced beginner or sport at Wawayanda, some for the first time. It was very gratifying to see four of those women win 1st place in their races. Rock on ladies!

It was a good day for team Campmor and racing in New Jersey. Many thanks to Geoff and Nicole for neutral support, and to the Jeff's that offered team support. See you in a few weeks!


2008 Racer Profiles

Jeff Sauerman - Team Manager - Sport XC
Age 49
3 years racing
2007 - 9th Campmor H2H Series
2008 - 5 hours of Paydirt
Career Highlight: being on the Campmor Team.
Why do you mountain bike and race? I love getting outside locally to take part in a fast paced, skilled oriented sport that I can do for many years at whatever level I choose. I love meeting the riders. I have met very few that I have not liked. Every ride is consistently a great ride. I always come away exhilarated!

Ellen White - Expert XC
Age 51
16 years racing
The ride : Titus Racer-X
2008 - 56 hours of Paydirt
Career Highlight: 2003, 2008 National Champion
Why do you mountain bike and race? It rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit, and connects me with nature and makes me feel alive. The racing gives me an incentive to explore my limitations and possibilities.

Art White - Pro XC
Age - 54
19 years racing
The Ride - Titus Racer-X
2008 - 2nd Campmor H2H Series Pro
2008 - 101 hours Paydirt
2007 - full hip replacement
Career Highlight: 1st 2006 National Mt Snow Exp 50-55
Why do you mountain bike and race ? It gives me a pure unbridled freedom, as if I were 12 years old, and I am able to briefly forget about the cares of my day. I also enjoy the challenge of pushing my limitations.

Laura Winberry
Expert XC
Age 24
4 years racing
The Ride: Titus Fireline
2008 - 1st Campmor H2H Series Expert
2008 - New Jersey State Cyclecross Champion
2007 - 31 hours of Paydirt

Ed Ceccolini
Pro XC
Age 36
22 years racing
The Ride - Titus Racer-X
2008 - 1st Campmor H2H Series Pro
2007 - 1st NJ State Champion
Career Highlight: 3rd 2004 UCI Master Worlds
More to come.
Why do you mountain bike and race? I ride since I enjoy the freedom of being out in my own world. I race so I can go as fast as I can with an ambulance waiting!

Joe Baldacci - Expert XC & SS
Age 50
5 years racing
The Ride - Racer-X, Kona Unit
2007 - 24 hours of Paydirt
2007 - 4th Campmor H2H SS

Darlene Phillips - Expert XC
Age - 41
6 years racing
The Ride - Titus Racer-X
2008 - 42 hours of Paydirt
2008 - Super D National Champion

2008 -2nd Campmor H2H Series
2007 - 1st Darkhorse 40
Why do you mountain bike and race? Riding is where I find my serenity. Racing keeps me disciplined with training. Plus I like the people.

Jeff Coneys - Expert XC
Age 45 / 17 years racing
The Ride - Titus Racer-X
2007 - 10 hours of paydirt 2008 Super-D National Champion
2007 - 2nd Campmor H2H Series
Volunteer Ski Patrol
Why do you mountain bike and race? - I Mountain Bike to free my mind, deal with work related stress and get into Nature. I love the outdoors and solitude that being in the woods provides. An added bonus is that riding increases your physical fitness. The more you ride, the stronger you feel, win/win. I got into racing because I loved pushing myself farther then I would during a normal ride. There is nothing like the buzz you get from adrenaline and endorphins from riding hard.

Jeremy Swift - Expert XC
Age 38
5 years racing
The Ride - Titus Carbon Racer-X
2007 -12 hours of Paydirt

Zach Koop - Expert XC & SS
Age - 20
3 years racing
2008 - 11 hours of Paydit
2008 - 3rd - Campmor H2H Series Expert
2007 - 1st Darkhorse 40 sport SS

Tom Stanowski - Expert XC
Age - 62
2008 - 20 hours of Paydirt
2007 - ist Campmor H2H Series
2007 - 2nd National Championships