Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Friday, December 16, 2011

Campmor H2H Series Awards 2011

Congratulations to our 8 podium finishers!

James Wilbur 1st and Art White 2nd Cat 1 50+

Marianne Santangelo 1st and Darlene Phillips 2nd Cat 1 40+

Mike Zusman 1st Cat 2 30-34

Joe Baldaccci 3rd Cat 1 SS

Team Results:

Marianne Santangelo - 1st place overall Cat 1 40+
James Wilbur - 1st place overall Cat 1 50+
Darlene Phillips - 2nd place overall Cat 1 40+
Art White - 2nd place overall Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 3rd place overall Cat 1 SS
Ellen White - 4th place overall Cat 1 40+
Steve Wagoner - 4th place overall Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 7th place overall Cat 1 SS
Tom Stanowski - 8th place overall Cat 1 50+
Joe Barros - 14th place overall Cat 1 40+
Jeff Coneys - 24th place overall Cat 1 40+

Mike Zusman - 1st place Cat 2 30-34
Henry Gozdz - 2nd place Cat 2 SS
Adrienne Blair - 2nd place Cat 3 40+

Team Campmor - 2nd place team challenge competition.
Team Campmor performed 437 hours of trail work at local parks in 2011 (the highest of all the teams) to score that placement. A big thanks to Campmor for creating an incentive for it's racers. Campmor awards team members store credit to those that perform 25 or more hours of trail work and race the local Camomor H2H series.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tara wins Candlestick CX in NorCal

Today I did my first CX race in the bay area. The big series in SF is the Bay Area Super Prestige Series. It only has 4 races so I'm not so sure about the Super or Prestige, but it sounds good right?

The last CX I did was back East, Day 1 of Charm City in the Wm 3/4. After that race, I applied for my cat. 2 upgrade and received it, literally over night. So in addition to this being my first cx race in NorCal, it was also my first race with the big girls, I race Elite 35+.

We had around 20 women in my field, including a 3x CX national champion! We raced separately from the Elite women but we all started on the same gun- we were at the back of their field.

The course was in a park across the street from where the 49ers play football and took place on a lumpy bumpy tall jungle cat type grassy dusty field or sorts. There were several short steep power ups, and off camber run up or ride up (took the same amount of time to do either, just preference) 1 full set of barriers, 1 single barrier to a steep run up, a fly over with steps, and lots and lots of transitions from pavement to gravel, gravel to pavement, dirt to gravel and on and on.

Our race was 40 mins but I'm not sure how many laps we did- no lap cards, which was kinda disturbing, and than I came around one lap with no real idea how long we'd been racing or how long there was to go and the official yelled "ONE TO GO!", music to my ears!

The race started and I got a good start and since we were at the back of the race, I immediately started to move up into the Elite field and try to put some space between me and my field- outta sight outta mind kinda thing. This strategy worked very well. I found some elite riders to ride with and the race was on!

I have to say the elite women are sure fast. I've always felt very competent on the technical sections of a course and I use this to my advantage so than I can dial it back a tad on the flat roadie sections, well, not any more. Racing with the big means full gas full on all the time!

So I led the race wire to wire but I could see the 2nd place rider (the 3x cx national champion) close behind me every time the course doubled up on its self- that kept me going for sure!

The course was ok. Bumpy dusty no real running sections, no beach runs (not yet anyway) and it was a good race to get back in the swing of things!

I won my class and finished mid pack in the elite race. I got a lot of "who is that campmor girl" and they reported my name as Robert Terra on the results and even I'm not sure who that is! (I had them fix it for the podium!!).

Cross is boss! Hoping to see more of Campmor peeps mixing it up in this weird totally fun and one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in 40 mins!

My next CX race in the series is a night CX race! Under the lights...should be interesting!!


Monday, October 3, 2011

H2H Leafblower and State Championships

LeafBlower Team Results:

Darlene Phillips - 1st place Pro/open
Ellen White - 3rd place Pro/open
James Wilbur - 1st place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 2nd place Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 2nd place Cat 1 SS
Steve Waggoner - 4th place Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 5th place Cat 1 SS
Tom Stanowski - 7th place Cat 1 50+

Henry Gozdz - 2nd place Cat 2 SS
Mike Zusman - 3rd place Cat 2 30-34
Adrienne Blaire - 2nd place Cat 3

Campmor podium sweep in State Championship 50+

New Jersey State Champions:

James Wilbur - 1st place Cat 1 50+
Ellen White - 1st place Cat 1 40+
Henry Gozdz - 1st place Cat 2 SS

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Say Hello to "MUD" CX Season

Falling on the heels of hurricane Irene and tropical storms, the east coast has been soaked with rain causing a muddy start to the Cyclocross season. Team Campmor cross enthusiasts are ready for the challenge! Thanks to our sponsor: Campmor, we are in good hands as to dealing with the elements of mother nature.

photo by Christine Perkins

Team Results for MAC CX series:
Ellen White - 2nd series overall 45+
Art White - 4th series overall 55+

Limestone CX
Art White - 3rd place 55+
Ellen White - 3rd place 45+

Geler Votre Cul CX
Ellen White - 2nd place 45+
Art White - 3rd place 55+

Super Cup Day 2
Ellen White - 2nd place 45+
Art White - 3rd place 55+

Super Cup Day 1
Ellen White - 2nd place 45+
Art White - 5th place 55+

Art White - 2nd 55+
Ellen White - 4th place 45+

Beacon CX
Ellen White - 4th place 45+
Art White - 8th place 55+

Granogue Day 1
Ellen White - 6th place 45+
Art White - 8th place 55+

Granogue Day 2
Ellen White - 5th place 45+
Art White - 6th place 55+

Ellen White - 1st place 45+
Art White - 4th place 55+
James Wilbur - 27th 45+

Charm City Day 1
Tara Walhart - 4th place 3/4
Ellen White - 4th place 45+
Art White - 6th place 55+

Charm City Day 2
Ellen White - 4th place 45+
Art White - 5th place 55+

Nitanny Lion Cross Day 1
Ellen White - 2nd place 45+
Art White - 3rd place 55+

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Campmor H2H Series #6 & #7 Results

Team Results at Chainstretcher

Marianne Santangelo - 1st place Pro/Open
Darlene Phillips - 2nd place Pro/Open

James "Willy" Wilbur - 1st place Cat 1 50+
Tom Stanowski - 5th place Cat 1 50+

Mike Zusman - 1st place Cat 2 30-34
Henry Gozdz - 2nd place Cat 2 SS

Team Results at Rumble in the Jungle

Marianne Santangelo - 2nd place Pro/open
Darlene Phillips - 3rd place Pro/open
Ellen White - 4th place Pro/Open

James Wilbur - 1st place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 2nd Place Cat 1 50+
Steve Wagoner - 6th place Cat 1 50+

Mike Zusman - 7th place Cat 2 30-34

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Team Campmor All Girl Skills Ride

Team Campmor ride leaders: Marianne, Dar and Ellen along with group.

What better way to help bring more women out to race than inviting them along to ride with you and sharing some skills tips with them. Last Sunday at Jungle Habitat, the site of the next Campmor H2H race, and probably the most rocky course of the series, Team Campmor led a women's skills ride. Slippery rocks were mastered and many smiles were had as Marianne, Dar and Ellen led a tour of the park.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Campmor H2H 909

Art on top of the podium

Big congrats to Mike for his first win this year!


Darlene Phillips - 3rd place pro open
Marianne Santangelo - 4th place pro open
Art White - 1st place Cat 1 50+
James Wilbur - 2nd place Cat 1 50+
Steve Wagoner - 4th place Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 5th place Cat 1 SS

Mike Zusman - 1st place Cat 2 30-34
Henry Gozdz - 4th place Cat 2 SS
Adrienne Blair - 2nd place Cat 3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

National Championships at Sun Valley

Tara Walhart Super-D National Champion

Team Results:

2nd - Tara Walhart Cat 1 35-36
6th - Ellen White open 50-54
14th - Art White open 55-59

1st - Tara Walhart 30-39
6th - Art White 50+
7th - Dar Phillips 40+

Photo op with the mayor of Sun Valley.

On Sunday July 17 (also my birthday!) myself, Arty and Dar all contested the Super D in Sun Valley, ID at the MTB National Championships.

I have to confess, when I first signed up for Nat's I had NO interest in the Super D. Then big E told me if I registered for the Super D I would get a lift ticket, which ment I would only have to ride up the climb on the amature XC once and then could take the gondola up to session any parts of the XC course I felt I needed too, so, once I knew that it was a no brainer, I signed right up!!

I have never raced a Super D event before. So I asked Arty if I could follow his lines on some practice runs and he let me tag along. This ended up leading to a GREAT SUCCESS!

The Super D course started with about a mile long climb and several 100 feet of elevation gain, but it was a wide open fire road so you just had to grind up it. Once at the top the course immediatley dropped you into single track and going down. This piece of single track called the traverse trail had the most amazing views, you'd come around the bend and be smacked in the face with mountain and almost crash because you stopped paying attention to where the trail was~ killer for sure!

Next was a short section of fire ride to a momentum hill then to a long fast road downhill with lose gravel to boot. I think durning the Super D event, an amature rider was clocked with a speed gun going 43 mph on this section. SSSIIIICCCKKK!

Next into some tight ST (repeat from the XC course) fun flowing and momentum section all the way. Once more into the FR, right tight turn in deep gravel then back into ST where we stayed for the rest of the course (again repeat of XC course) down the rock water fall and finally to the finish.

My descending skills are something I have really been working on. West coast riders are hellafast on the downhills- I mean FAST! They can rail the FR and carve up the tight switch back, skills we don't get a chance to practice here on the East Coast. So, its not enough to be able to go up hill real well- you gotta come down in killer fast style too!

So, my plan for the race to was murder the opening climb and try to hold on my own on the rest of the course. I started 3rd. We went off TT style in 30 sec intervals, so once I was released, I charged after my 30 sec girl, catching her quickly and had my sights on my 1 minute girl which I could see up the climb and could also see I was gaining on her. My plan worked, I caught my one minute girl on the climb before hitting the ST and now just had to get down the mountain.

Well remember how I said West coast riders are hellfast going downhill, well this racer from Whole Athlete did not disappoint. She was on my tail in the ST in no time. I was able to stay in front of her until the long FR at which point she passed me, but I was able to sit on her wheel and follow her lines. So this became my new plan for the rest of the rest, along with not crashing and getting down the mountain in one piece.

As it turned out the Whole Athlete rider and myself swapped leads several times, mostly because she would over cook something and I would rider around her! LoL!

As we approached the end of the course and the rock waterfall, I had this feeling the Whole Athelte riders was not going to ride the obstacle (if you watch the video big E made you can see all this happening LIVE!), well, as she rolled into the perferred line for the rock waterfall she fell over and the same time there was an expert man rider walking down on the other side and that just left the middle for me, if I look like a deer in the head light going down that section its because that is NOT the line I wanted, not the line I practiced on all week (and lots of people did toss it on this section) but I had to make it work and I got down! YAY!

In the end, I had 1:20ish on the Whole Athlete rider good enough for the gold and the National Title! I felt like I was a real underdog going into this event, but what doing this race showed me is that racing is racing. Being able to follow a wheel, having confidence in your ability, and fighting hard are solid foundational elements no matter the discipline!

A HUGE thank you to Arty for taking run after run after run with me. Alan and Lam for making me feel sick to stomach every time I try to follow them downhill and Yim for giving me 'attack position' on the bike and in life!

Winning the Super D and the stars and stripes Jersey with my friends and team mates present was incredible! The whole weekend was just crazy amazing and you better believe I want to go back next year to defend and win the XC!

Keep going.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

H2H Bulldog Rump at Kittatinny

Team Results:

Marianne Santangelo - 3rd Pro/Open
James Wilbur - 2nd Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 3rd Cat 1 SS
Steve Wagoner - 6th Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 8th Cat 1 SS
Joe Barros - 23rd Cat 1 40-49

Mike Zussman - 5th Cat 2 30-34
Adrienne Blaire - 2nd Cat 3 40+

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

H2H Lewis Morris Challenge

Tara wins the Pro open women

Team Results:

Tara Walhart 1st Pro/open Women
Marianne Santangelo 5th Pro/open Women (1st 40+)
Ellen White 6th Pro/open Women (2nd 40+)

James Wilbur 3rd Cat 1 50+
Art White 4th Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci 6th Cat 1 SS
Joe Barros 9th Cat 1 40-49
Steve Wagoner 9th Cat 1 50+
Tom Stanowski 12th Cat 1 50+

Henry Gozdz 6th Cat 2 SS
Adrienne Blaire 3rd Cat 3 40+

Joe B at neutral support

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team Campmor at the Festivals

Saturday, June 18 was the 4th annual Jorbafest that took place at Waterloo Concert Field in Allamuchy NJ. Jorba, the leading bike trail advocacy organization in New Jersey was celebrating with an action packed day of bike fun for the whole family. Team Campmor was there to support and help lead rides. Art co-led the advanced Allamuchy ride with special guest, professional Trials rider, Jeff Lenosky. I led the women's advanced ride. Thanks to Dar, Marianne, Tara and Willy for helping.

Many kids and adults of all levels enjoyed the day. Although a mountain bike race team, Team Campmor encourages responsible trail us and practicing sustainable community development. Team members are required to do trail maintenance each year, and extra sponsorship is available for those that do more than 25 hours.

"pump the magic dragon" ... built by Art

Sunday Tara and I went up to Huntington State Park to help Darlene teach a women's clinic at the NEMB festival. Although much of the team lives in New Jersey, Huntington Ct is local to Darlene. From the time that I joined the team, I have tried to encourage female participation, and this is very rewarding to see other women, like Dar, step up to encourage women in her area. It is great to know that others will look beyond their own involvement and invest in the future of the sport.

Although a few members of the team took a day off their training and racing, they are happy to know that a day was spent in getting a few more trails open to bikes and a few more racers to the line in the future.

Check out this video by Manny Lugo:

- Ellen

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bearscat 50

Congratulations to Team Campmor finishers at the Bearscat 50:

Marianne Santangelo 3rd place open women
Darlene Phillips 5th place open women
Willy Wilbur 6th place 45+ men
Steve Wagoner 10th place 45+ men

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Campmor H2H Series #2 Tymor

A misty soggy race at Tymor. Check out the video:

Team Results:

Marianne Santangelo - 4th Pro/Open
Darlene Philips - 8th Pro/Open
Laura Winberry - 10th Pro/Open

James Wilbur - 2nd Cat 1 50+
Art White - 3rd Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 6th Cat 1 SS
Tom Stanowski - 7th Cat 1 50+
Steve Wagoner - 9th Cat 1 50+
Joe Barros - 15th Cat 1 40-49
Jeremy Swift - 16th Cat 1 40-49
Jeff Coneys - 21st Cat 1 40-49

Mike Zussman - 4th Cat 2 30-34

Monday, May 2, 2011

Campmor H2H Series #1 - Wawayanda

Joe keeping busy at the Campmor neutral support tent.

Team Results:

Marianne Santagelo - 4th place Pro/open
Darlene Phillips - 5th place Pro/open
Ellen White - 6th place Pro/open

Willy Wilbur - 2nd place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 4th place Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 6th place Cat 1 SS
Tom Stanowski - 8th place Cat 1 50+
Steve Wagoner - 9th place Cat 1 50+
Joe Barros - 11th place Cat 1 40+49

Mike Zussman - 4th place Cat 2 30-34
Henry Gozdz - 6th place Cat 2 SS
Adrienne Blair - 1st place Cat 3 40+

Team Campmor would also like to congratulate Campmor bike shop employees: Joey Wyckoff, who placed 3rd in Cat 1 Junior and Joe E who competed in his first race ever. Nice job guys!

Joe E looking happy after his first race.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tara Wins Sea Otter

This years running of the Sea Otter Classic was April 14-17 in Monterey, CA. Sea Otter is a SPECTACLE!! At no other time in all year of being a bike racer, I have expereinced roadies and mtbers living in such harmony!! The race is centered around the Laguna Seca Race way. Which is surrounded by green sandy mountains. So literally, as you are being staged for your dirt race, right next to you are roadies killing it on the pavement! WILD (and very cool at the same time)!!

The expert race was on Friday. My race was one 20.2 mile course with almost 4000 feet of climbing on a combination of the FR/ DT/ ST and some pavement. I had no expectations heading into this race, I mean its Sea Otter after all and its where the big kids put it on the table and measure. I was just hoping for a respectable finish in the middle of the pack. One really neat thing about bigger races is taking the line with people from all over the country!

I love that people know Campmor! There was about 30 seconds to the start of my race and the announcer says "and we have Tara Walhart on the line, representing the east coast with Team Campmor!" I gave him 2 great big Jersey fist pumps for that!! Lol!

The race started on the Laguna Seca Speedway which was kinda cool- love that my old road racing skills still come in handy! I was able to settle into 3rd wheel on the speedway and just sit in as we went up a hill and made our way into the single track. I was still 3rd wheel as we hit the dirt, feeling ok, dealing with the short steep loose power climbs ok and feeling very happy that I was on Sue (my Racer X). I started to loose ground on the descent. The descents are different then back home, super fast and I still acquiring the skill set. At times they were off camber and hard packed- tight and FAST! Other times blind with deep sand pits in the turns (kinda like riding at Allaire!). The little bit of true ST on the course was fun! Tight and twisty with trees to play with and the only shade on the course! There were also some super steep descents that were just acres of sand and going down hill was more like surfing then riding, have to say that was FUN!

So the rhythm of the race we set for me, I would make up ground on the climbs and try to loose too much on the descents. Well I lost a little, I had been in 3rd for about half the race and I was passed by a women in gold. Now I was in 4th. There was a women leading the race in red and women in green in 2nd. I did not panic. The wm in gold was descending way faster then me, but I was still feeling ok and climbing ok so I get keep pluggin' away!

On a long ST climb called Goat Hill, I passed the wm in gold back, now I was back in 3rd. YAY! As we started to tackle the end of course- more and more hills to climb up were thrown at us. This was a good thing for me. The final climb to the finish was a 3 mile middle ring grinder- as we approached this climb, we were coming out of another long rolling ST climb, right before the end of the ST I caught the wm in green, now I was in 2nd! I thought, cool beans, I might have a chance to podium if I can get up this climb with enough of a gap not to get caught on the descent into the finish! And so I started to climb, I felt good! Found a good gear, tapped out a good pace and just went up, up , up!

The CX course finished on the top of the short track course. Narrow, bumpy, grassy, hard pack and OMG the ruts! Glad I didn't get victimized here, being at the end of the race and not seeing straight and all is a terrible time to toss it!

So, I crossed the finish line I thought, cool beans, I think I'm second! Super happy with my ride- stayed calm, didn't panic when I got gapped or caught- race my strengths...all good stuff! I never saw the wm in red. At the podium presentation, I was super happy to take the 2nd place spot. Here's where it gets interesting, Long story short, I received an email from the race promoters that the wm in red was not in my category, she mistakenly thought she raced on Friday when she was actually racing on Saturday in the Pro race! Ooopss!! So a correction was made to the results, that put me 1st!

When it all said in no expectations for this race, just gonna ride, have fun and hope for respectable finish, found my on top of the podium! I never expected to win Sea Otter, so it was a sweet surprise. Even better that LBW was at Sea Otter as well on Friday and I got to share it with her!!

Oh, and its totally true, Sea Otter does not have one single rock in the course!

Keep Going!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tara takes win at Napa Valley Dirt Classic

Hello Mates!

Sunday, 4/11 I took part in the Napa Valley Dirt Classic. The race was held in the beautiful mountains that surround Napa Valley and we had a pretty awesome day for racing, 68 degrees, clear blue cloudless sky and a slight breeze. This was the 18th running of this race and they use the same course year after year- its a single 22 mile loop made up of fire roads, ST/DT and lots of climbing. The fact that its the same loop makes going back and comparing times (for those dorks of us out there) rather interesting! The race had a great turn out. Its been a long time since I saw 25 Pro men in a local field, WORD!

I just cat'ed up to Cat 1 this year and this was going to be my first race as a Cat 1. Man was I nervous! I even lined up in the back because I didn't want to get blown out of the water at the start! The start of the race was on pavement up a 1/2 mile low angle climb into double track. Once the race started I realized being at the back sucked and I made my way up to 3rd wheel and I wasn't working real hard to be there, so I thought "well this is good!". Once we hit the double track I could tell the women around me were tired- they were all breathing real heavy and not doing so much of the pedaling, so I thought again, I need to get around this, and I did. Not by attacking but just by riding a steady pace.

I soon found myself alone at the front of the race up a longish climb topped off by a nasty hike-a-bike. At the top of the hike-a-bike I was caught by 2 younger Expert women who were rolling and so I decided to jump on that and try and hang on as long as I could. At times I was totally red lined trying to stay with them, but it was the right move to make- and I did worry that I was burning through matches kinda early in a 22 mile race- but oh well- I had to go! We rode that way for the 45 min of the race. The track had a series of whoops (which were fun) but unexpected sans a pre-ride and separated us. One youngster got away and I was able to ride with the other. She set a good pace- a little above my comfort zone, but doable. I rode with her until we hit some fun twisty ST with lots of trees, off camber stuff and OH MY GOD rocks! Yes rocks, I loved it, I said hello to all of them! LoL!. I ended up dropping her through this section and found myself now riding with a Retrotec fella. That was all good- until I had to stop and pull a giant stick out of my rear triangle.

Back on the bike. I started to tackle the end of the course. Which had a very nasty loose steep, hike-a-bike a times sections to it. This climb really sucked and boy did I feel it. I was around all sorts of fellas, my favorite fella was the one that kept calling me 'young lady'! He's say, "you go get those fellas young lady, you can do it!" and "Nice line young lady" Classic.

I also rode my first loose CA decent, its was a super steep decent just covered with loose- powder like sand, dust, talc, etc. I put all my weight over the rear tire, pointed Arby down hill and held on for dear life, hoping for the best as racers washed out and stacked hard all around me (if anyone has a tire recommendation for this type of stuff, please share). I made it down, rubbersidedown, WooHoo!

I hadn't seen any women from my class since the start and as I neared the top of the climb I knew only a couple miles were left between me and the finish- that should be a good feeling right? Well it always makes me want to ride harder just so I don't *hit the bed at the end of the race and muck up all my hard work.

The race ended on a track at a local college. So as we came out of the ST we were directly to the track and had to ride 400m on the track to the finish. That was very cool because the after race party was set up in the track's infield so there were lots of people around.

At the end of the race, I ended up 1st, Go Team Campmor! Very cool since this was not only my first Cat 1 race since the darktimes, but also my first race on Arby (my 29'er) he was awesome! Such a good boy and sooo much fun to ride!!

I have to say it was very strange being at a mtb race and not knowing anyone! The overall vibe of the race and people was very cool! The 2011 mountain bike season is underway and I can't wait to read all your race reports!

Keep going.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Tucson Team Camp

I just got back from a week of mountain biking in Tucson Arizona with Art, Marianne and Darlene of Team Campmor. It was a great week filled with sunshine and warm weather. Each day we rode out of our back yard into the National Forest for a day of riding. Our back yard was Wild Outdoor World of Arizona (WOW), a restored natural habitat oasis that attracted all sorts of critters. Over the week we saw butterflies, hummingbirds, quail, road runners, jack rabbits, gopher snakes and coyotes, to mention a few.

Although the entire team could not make this journey to the dessert, some of the rest of the team did a road ride up to Bear Mt and up Perkins Memorial Dr to the lookout that same weekend that we were away. This all reminds me that outdoor adventure can be found out of nearly any back yard.

Spring is near, lets all get outside!

- Ellen

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One of 2011

Team Campmor starting off the new year with a road ride to Harriman State Park. Posing for a photo op at 11:11 on 1/1/11.