Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

H2H Lewis Morris Challenge

Tara wins the Pro open women

Team Results:

Tara Walhart 1st Pro/open Women
Marianne Santangelo 5th Pro/open Women (1st 40+)
Ellen White 6th Pro/open Women (2nd 40+)

James Wilbur 3rd Cat 1 50+
Art White 4th Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci 6th Cat 1 SS
Joe Barros 9th Cat 1 40-49
Steve Wagoner 9th Cat 1 50+
Tom Stanowski 12th Cat 1 50+

Henry Gozdz 6th Cat 2 SS
Adrienne Blaire 3rd Cat 3 40+

Joe B at neutral support

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team Campmor at the Festivals

Saturday, June 18 was the 4th annual Jorbafest that took place at Waterloo Concert Field in Allamuchy NJ. Jorba, the leading bike trail advocacy organization in New Jersey was celebrating with an action packed day of bike fun for the whole family. Team Campmor was there to support and help lead rides. Art co-led the advanced Allamuchy ride with special guest, professional Trials rider, Jeff Lenosky. I led the women's advanced ride. Thanks to Dar, Marianne, Tara and Willy for helping.

Many kids and adults of all levels enjoyed the day. Although a mountain bike race team, Team Campmor encourages responsible trail us and practicing sustainable community development. Team members are required to do trail maintenance each year, and extra sponsorship is available for those that do more than 25 hours.

"pump the magic dragon" ... built by Art

Sunday Tara and I went up to Huntington State Park to help Darlene teach a women's clinic at the NEMB festival. Although much of the team lives in New Jersey, Huntington Ct is local to Darlene. From the time that I joined the team, I have tried to encourage female participation, and this is very rewarding to see other women, like Dar, step up to encourage women in her area. It is great to know that others will look beyond their own involvement and invest in the future of the sport.

Although a few members of the team took a day off their training and racing, they are happy to know that a day was spent in getting a few more trails open to bikes and a few more racers to the line in the future.

Check out this video by Manny Lugo:

- Ellen

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bearscat 50

Congratulations to Team Campmor finishers at the Bearscat 50:

Marianne Santangelo 3rd place open women
Darlene Phillips 5th place open women
Willy Wilbur 6th place 45+ men
Steve Wagoner 10th place 45+ men