Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tymor Challenge

Team Results:

Darlene Phillips - 2nd Pro/open
James Wilbur - 1st Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 4th Cat 1 SS
Art White - 6th Cat 1 50+
Stef McKeon - 3rd Cat 2
Tom Stanowski - 4th 60+

Mountain Creek

Team Results:

Ellen White - 1st Cat 1
James Wilbur - 3rd Cat 1 50+
Steve Wagoner - 6th Cat 1 50+
Tom Stanowski - 3rd 60+
Stef McKeon - 6th Cat 2
Joe Esak - 18th Cat 2 40-49

Taconic 909

Team Results:

Marianne Santangelo - 3rd Pro/open
Ellen White - 1st Cat 1
James Wilbur - 3rd Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 6th Cat 1 SS
Tom Stanowski - 4th 60+
Jeff Coneys - 2nd Cat 2 50+
Stef McKeon - 6th Cat 2

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mountain Bike National Championships

Mountain Bike National Championships: What a great weekend for Team Campmor at National Championships in Macungie Pennsylvania. Racing started Friday night where Marianne and Ellen both took wins earning a National Champion Jersey and also took the 2 fastest female times on the master course. Tom rounded off his 65-69 mens podium in 5th, and Steve took 16th in the 55-59. Art was unable to race due to a sprained wrist and broken ribs, but was out in the heckle pit cheering like crazy.

Marianne had a sizable 4 minute lead on her field. The team is stoked to see her take this win, as she was injured last year and could not race. It is very well deserved! Both Marianne and Ellen raced a Pivot 429C purchased at the Campmor bike shop. Ellen said "Pivot 429C was the perfect bike for this rocky course. I almost felt like it was cheating!"

Saturdays race started off with Willy taking 16th in the very competitive 50-55 class. Later in the day Dar took 4th in the open single-speed class. The Pro races went off last in the day, and what a scene there was in the heckle pit! Crazy crowds of people, including beer, a chainsaw, a nun and the devil. East Coast spectators know how to have fun!

The team would like to thank Campmor Bike Shop for it's above and beyond support. Much happens behind the scenes in keeping bikes up to date and working in tip top condition. All this would not be possible without a supporting bike shop.

Marianne 50-54 National Champion

Ellen 55-59 National Champion

Team Campmor sharing the love!

Team Results

Marianne Santangelo - 1st XC 50-54
Ellen White - 1st XC 55-59
Dar Phillips - 4th XC Single-speed open
Tom Stanowski - 5th XC 65-69
Steve Wagoner - 16th XC 55-59
James Wilbur - 16th XC 50-54

Ellen White - 10th SD 40+
Steve Wagoner - 12th SD 50+

Burly Backyard World Championships

On July 6th, Team Campmor's very own Jeremy Swift put on a Race right in his own back yard. All the trails were hand built by Jeremy and he always adds a few new sections each year, keeping everyone on their toes. The course is twisty, punchy and littered with tire eating shale. Trails drop into mining holes, run up on top of rock walls and sing... clack-clack in a rhythm only heard in these woods.

Racing from Team Campmor were Willy, Art, Marianne and Jeremy if he could pry himself away from the start line and all his race promoting duties. Marianne stole the day with taking the fastest women's lap time prime, and battling it out in a strong pro women's field to finish second. Everyone was happy to see Marianne have a strong race after sitting out most of last year from a bad crash. Jeremy suffered a Flat. Willy and Art finished strong, just off the podium.

H2H Bulldog Rump State Champs

Team Results

Marianne Satangelo - 3rd place Pro open
Darlene Phillips - 5th place Pro open
James Wilbur - 7th place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 9th place Cat 1 50+
Tom Stanowski - 1st place 60+
Jeff Coneys - 1st place Cat 2 50+

Jeff Coneys Cat 2 50+ NJ State Champion

Team Results

H2H Rumble in the Jungle

Darlene Phillips - 1st place Pro women
Jeff Coneys - 1st place Cat 2 50+
Stef McKeon - 8th place Cat 2 40+

Bearscat 50
Ellen White - 3rd open women
Dar Phillips - 3rd open women
Marianne Santangelo - 5th open women
Art White - 6th 45+
Steve Wagoner - 26th 45+
Joe Baldacci - 35th 45+

Lewis Morris Challenge

Ellen White - 3rd place Cat 1 40+
James Wilbur - 4th place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 6th place Cat 1 50+
Henry Gozdz - 2nd place 60+ open
Tom Stanowski - 3rd place 60+ open
Stef McKeon - 7th place Cat 2 40+
Jeff Coneys - 9th place Cat 2 50+

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jamis H2H Spring Cleaning

Poster boy "Tom" at age 67, earning a 2nd place in the competitive 60+ class. 2nd place only after taking the rad line over a rock wall and crashing on an up turned rock that had been pulled out. Never say you are too old to race mountain bikes. These guys show us how to defy age.

Team Results:

Ellen White - 2nd place Cat 1 40+ women
James Wilbur - 4h place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 6th place Cat 1 50+
Joe Baldacci - 8th place Cat 1 50+
Mike Zusman - 10th place Cat 1 19-39
Tom Stanowski - 2nd place 60+
Joe Esak - 29th place Cat 2 40-49

Art catching some rest in his truck after a hard race. He fought hard to hold 4th place close behind 3rd, and suffered a flat tire on lap 3, loosing 2 places while he tubed his flat tire.

Jamis H2H Chain Stretcher

Team Results:

Darlene Phillips - 2nd place Pro/open Women
James Wilbur - 6th place Cat 1 50+
Art White - 7th place Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 9th place Cat 1 SS
Steve Wagoner - 9th place Cat 1 50+
Mike Zusman - 14th place Cat 1 19-39
Tom Stanowski - 2nd place 60+
Jef Coneys - 2nd place Cat 2 50+
Stef McKeon - 7th place Cat 2
Joe Esak - 37th place Cat 2 40-49

Monday, January 27, 2014

H2H Series Awards Banquet

On January 19 Team Campmor and about 100 other mountain bike racers came out to celebrate and support the 2013 H2H series winners. Thanks to Stef Mckeon for volunteering to find and book the venue for the awards dinner. Once again Team Campmor women kicked some butt out there taking three first place finishes including Dar Phillips (above) winning the Pro/open women's title, riding her single speed!

First on the nights agenda was the A.C. Daughtry Security Team Challenge run by Dave and Heather Kahl. Teams accumulate points for top 5 top finishes per race and accumulative Paydirt (trail work) hours for all team members. The point system is designed to encourage all levels of racers to participate for equal points and work together as a team racing and maintaining trails to secure the future of mountain bike racing in our region. Four teams were recognized:Team Town Cycle, Clockwork Construction,Team Bulldog and the series winner Team Campmor. Team Campmor did over 350 hours of local trail work that gave them this recognition. Each team received a donation from A.C.Daughtry to Jersey Off Road Bicycle Assoc in their name. Team Campmor would like to thank A.C Daughtry for their support.

Ellen White: Winner of the Cat 1 40+ (above), and Stef Mckeon: Winner of the Cat 3 women (below).

H2H Series Team Results:
Dar Phillips - 1st place Pro/open Women
Ellen White - 1st place Cat 1 40+
Stef Mckeon - 1st place Cat 3
James Wilbur - 2nd place Cat 1 50+
Jeremy Swift - 3rd place Cat 1 SS
Art White - 4th place Cat 1 50+
Marianne Santangelo - 4th place Pro/open Women
Henry Gozdz - 5th place Cat 1 50+
Jake Posinger - 7th place Cat 1 19-29
Steve Wagoner - 9th place Cat 1 50+
Jeff Coneys - 11th place Cat 2 40-49
Tom Stanowski - 12th place 50+
Blair Stearns - 13th place Cat 1 40-49
Joe Esak - 14th place Cat 2 40-49
Sheryl Senszakiewicz - 14th place Cat 2
Mike Zusman - 16th place Cat 1 30-39
Joe Baldacci - 19th place Cat 1 SS