Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Monday, May 25, 2009

Campmor H2H Tymor 5/17

Team Results:
Laura Winberry - 2nd Pro/open
Art White - 15th pro/open
Marianne Santangelo - 2nd Cat 1
Ellen White - 4th Cat 1
Zach Koop - 5th Cat 1
Tom Stanowski - 6th Cat 1
Jeremy Swift - 7th Cat 1
Jeff Coneys - 14th Cat 1
Tyler Conlon - 3rd Cat 2
Tara Walhart - 9th Cat 2

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Campmor H2H Series Spring Cleaning 5/3

a good day for rubber shoes

Date: May 3, 2009
Location: Wawayanda State Park

Close to 400 racers showed up for the season opener of the Campmor H2H Series Spring Cleaning race. I think I saw some of the largest Cat 3 fields and women's fields that I have seen in quite some time. There was a lot of excitement in the air as the racers got under way. The weather was a bit dismal with some on and off drizzle, but it didn't seem to effect the early racers. As the day went on, the drizzle became more steady, and racers began to wear mud and big grins. It seemed like the more it rained, the louder the cheering sections became during the Cat 2 race. It was great to be at a race and be part of the whole racing community scene once again. People were making the best of the weather and having a good time. Once the Pro race was under way, the rain seemed more steady. The racers seemed to come through the feed zone half down to business and half sombre, as the conditions deteriorated. With a long race, finishing was an effort for many, but Laura, Jeff and Joe came through with a smile every time! - Ellen

Team Results:

Ed Ceccolini - 3rd Pro/open
Laura Winberry - 4th Pro/open
Joe Azze - 10th - Pro/open
Art White - 12th Pro/open

Marianne Santangelo - 2nd Cat 1 40+
Darlene Phillips - 3rd Cat 1 40+
Jeff Coneys - 14th Cat 1 40-49
Jeremy Swift - 20th Cat 1 30-39

Tara Walhart - 7th Cat 2
Tyler Conlon - 8th Cat 2 19-29

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