Team Campmor

Team Campmor

Monday, July 21, 2008

National Championships at Mt Snow

Team Campmor Sweeps the podium in Super-D ...... all on Titus bikes

Team Campmor did a great job representing at National Championships at Mt Snow, Vt, this past weekend. The team earned 8 podium spots including three 1st place finishes. During the past two weeks, the National attending Campmorians worked incredibly well together, washing bikes, prepping bikes, making meals, cleaning up after meals, doing laundry, feeding each other and drumming during the race. Those not racing the next day, gave up beds for floor space with out asking. The teamwork was incredible, and I feel lucky to be a part of this team of outstanding people! Congratulations and thank you all for your support.

My race report here:

Laura's race report here:


Team Campmor Results:

Cross Country:
Art White - 54th - Semi-Pro
Ellen White - 1st - Expert 50-54
Laura Winberry - 3rd - Expert 19-24
Tom Stanowski - 3rd - Expert 60-64
Darlene Phillips - 4th - Expert 40-44
Zach Koop - 25th Expert 19-24
Marianne Santangelo - 1st - Sport 40+
Matt Watters - 9th Sport 19-24

Darlene Phillips - 1st - Women 40+
Marianne Santangelo - 2nd - Women 40+
Ellen White - 3rd - Women 40+
Laura Winberry - 3rd - Women 19-29
Art White - 7th - Men 50+

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

East Coast National at Windham

After a fifteen year hiatus, National racing returns to the Catskill Mountains. Attending from Team Campmor: Tom Stanowski, Jeremy Swift, Laura Winberry, Art White and myself. The team earned 5 podium spots, 3 of which were first place finishes.

My report here:

Race Results:
Art White - 35th : Semi-Pro XC
Tom Stanowski - 1st :Expert XC 60-64
Ellen White - 1st :Expert XC 50+
Laura Winberry - 7th :Expert 19-24
Ellen White - 1st :Super-D 40+
Laura Winberry - 2nd :Super-D 19-29
Art White - 4th :Super-D 40+
Jeremy Swift - 6th :Super-D 30-39

- Ellen

Monday, July 7, 2008

Campmor H2H #5 Bulldog Rump

The Bulldog Rump race at Kittatinny Valley State Park is a favorite to many. It also happens to be an AMBC race and the NJ State Championship race, so well attended as well. Once again, threatened by rain showers mid day, somehow the heavy rain seemed to miss the park, and we were left with good race conditions. A big congrats to Pro Ed Ceccolini and Expert Laura Winberry for winning the New Jersey State Champion titles!

Team Results:
Ed Ceccolini - 5th Pro
Art White - 12th Pro
Ellen White - 2nd Exp 35+
Zach Koop - 3rd Exp 19
Laura Winberry - 3rd Exp
Darlene Phillips - 3rd Exp 35+
Tom Stanowski - 4th Exp 50+
Joe Baldacci - 7th Exp SS
Jeremy Swift - 13th Exp 30
Joe Barros - 15th Exp 40
Marianne Santangelo - 1st Sport 35+
Tyler Conlon - 4th Sport Jr
Matt Watters - 5th Sport 19